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Make sure you prepare your kids. Tell them you are going to have photos in a field with your friend Sam or that you are going to your friends house for photos. Explain what we are doing and what it's for.

If they feel as though you know me they will be a little more at ease.

Sunset sessions are late afternoon so make sure you give your little ones a late nap and an early dinner. The nap is important because if you dont as soon as you get in the car they will fall asleep and no one is ever happy when woken from a nap early.

Bring water and clean snacks - so nothing that will leave a mark on faces. Speaking of faces, please please make sure faces are clean and free from boogers. I can not photoshop crusty boogers from noses. Im just not that good and the time it takes to recreate a nostril is ridiculous.


Newborn sessions go for up to 2 hours, which means toddlers can get very bored. I do have a couple of toys but 9 times outta 10 they just want to run wild. I suggest getting Dad to take them home or to the park for an hour or so after we have completed the family part so we concentrate on your newborn photos and you mumma can have a little rest and relax.

I allow up to 1 hour for outdoor family or maternity sessions but we are usually done in less. I work fast, I know I have a limited attention span with toddlers and dads even so I try and be as efficient as I can so its enjoyable for all. I won't call it quits on the session until I am happy I have got enough shots that have captured your family perfectly.


Easier said then done right. You'll probably be running around like a crazy person trying to make sure everyones dressed and ready, trying to make sure you get here on time and you're stressed because you're nervous your toddler or kids won't behave -


I know toddlers and kids, hell I even know teenagers cause Ive got a couple. I promise you that amongst all the chaos that the morning or evening will bring that you will look at your gallery and not even notice the unwillingness. Ive got my ways of getting kids to participate so I need you to relax and not worry about that, kids feed off energy and will read you like a book!

The one thing that is a must is even though you want to kill your kids for not listening to you is you MUST always SMILE at them because I can guarantee you that the minute they flash there perfect cheeky grin my way you will be mid frown, its always the way trust me lol.

How to get the most out of your session

Have zero expectations!

You've seen a photo (eg. newborn snuggling with siblings) and thought oh that's what I want but truth is you can't have it for 2 reasons. 1 those siblings might have different personalities to yours and 2 its not your "moment" to have. Photography is just a bunch of moment captured and although I can recreate my images they never actually feel the same. Because your moments are yours and no one elses.

Don't put that pressure on yourself or your family. You will get magical photos as long as you have zero expectations. Trust me.

How to Prepare BEfore an Elopement?

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Just an extension on the above really. Kids are kids and sometimes they don't want to do what we want them to and that's ok, I'm ok with that. As long as they aren't wrecking things they shouldn't be touching they are good.

They will eventually participate - in the 10 years I've been doing this I've never had a kid I couldn't capture their personality.

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This ones for first time parents.

9 times outta 10 you are nervous about holding your baby right and nervous about having photos as well but the best way to get beautiful photos is to just love on your baby, look at each other, smell your babies head, touch them, get close and forget I am here.

Keep doing what you are doing unless I tell you otherwise. The most amazing moments happen the minute I lower my camera and you know why??? Its because you do all the things I just said without thinking about it.

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Getting your body out on a normal day is tough for anyone but being pregnant is a whole other level but I got you. No matter your shape or size, love tattoos (stretch marks) or not, you are beautiful and all I want is to show you what everyone else sees.

Trust that all my weird posing will make for amazing photos.

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