Its crazy how much your body changes in 9 months right! Capturing it just helps relieve the feeling and I am so glad you are doing it. Your maternity session can be anything you want. I can be your chance to fully embrace the amazing thing your body is doing. You can get nude and capture your body in its rawest state or you can stay fully clothed, the choice is yours, either way you are beautiful.

Studio sessions are a little bit more intimate as apposed to sunset sessions, sunset sessions are usually done if you have older kids already, gives them a little more room to run and be themselves. Studio sessions are good for first time mums and maybe one toddler.

At the beginning of your studio session we will discuss your clothing choices, whether you want to do full nude, topless, just belly out etc. I have a wardrobe full of stunning dresses and robes for your session. All you need to bring is underwear. Cream/nude and a cute set if wish. If you have dresses or anything you want to bring to the session just let me know and we can work it into the session. For Dads, just a plain earth coloured Tee or a linen shirt will be perfect.

Once we get started I will explain each pose and get you in position, now sometimes one pose doesn't work on 2 different people so if I'm just staring at you like a weirdo not saying anything😂 I'm usually just think about how I can change it for the better to suit you.

Your session is all about celebrating you, be you, let your personality shine. Have fun, trust me and be amazed at how truely beautiful and amazing you are.

After the session you will have your gorgeous gallery delivered to you about 1 week after your session. I usually post a few photos from your session on my stories after as I am editing and then after your session is delivered I post a few of my favs on my feed.

A quick note on Social media, I post what my clients allow. If you want nude/semi nude photos because you love the way they look but dont want to do them because you are worried about them going on social media, dont be. All you have to say is Im happy for photos to be posted but just not these specific one etc etc.

I think I have covered everything but if you have any questions at all just let me know




About the session


Maternity sessions are done around 32 weeks. Sessions usually go for up to 1 hour and can include your partner and kids if you would like. I have heaps of gorgeous dresses, shirts and a few bralettes available to use and all you need is your underwear.

The Cost

The cost for a maternity session is $350. This include the session, the use of the client closet and all the photos available to download. Can be done in studio or outdoors.

A maternity + newborn bundle is available as well for an additional $300

Afterpay is available on request and payment isn't required until your session date. A discount is offered when booking a newborn session as well.


How to book

All you need to do is fill out the contact form and I will send you a contract + questionnaire, then we will schedule you a date. Easy!

Feeling like I might be the photographer for you and you are ready to book or just want more information?

Just click the Contact Sam button and lets get the ball rolling!!!

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