Clothing Choice

Sometimes the thought of family photos is enough to stress anyone out but I am here to help. You've made the first step in booking now lets make the rest of the experience a seamless one.

Firstly and probably the most important is your clothing choices and this is were people usually stress out the most.

Choose your outfits well in advance. This way you have time to sit with your selections and decide if its what you want.

Mumma choose your outfit first. You need to be comfortable because you my friend are the star of the show. I generally recommend long flowing dresses or a skirt and top combo. My client closet is full of amazing dresses suitable for all body types and is available to you.

Dads go simple, they will be throwing kids around, having kids on their shoulders etc so we want something simple that we won't have to be fixing every 5 minutes. Also if you choose button up shirts make sure when you sit they don't gape open around the waist area.

Kids we want layers and textures. Dresses will need to make sure you have a nappy cover or something similar to make sure we don't see the nappy or underwear. For the little men in your life just go a basic tee, no collar as they just get in the way of their gorgeous little faces.

Lastly use me. I have been doing this for years so use me to your advantage. Send me your selections and I can help you put things together.

Make sure you prepare your kids. Tell them you are going to have photos in a field with your friend Sam. Explain what we are doing and what it's for.

If they feel as though you know me they will be a little more at ease.

Sunset sessions are late afternoon so make sure you give your little ones a late nap and an early dinner. The nap is important because if you dont as soon as you get in the car they will fall asleep and no one is ever happy when woken from a nap early.

Bring water and clean snacks - so nothing that will leave a mark on faces. Speaking of faces, please please make sure faces are clean and free from boogers. I can not photoshop crusty boogers from noses. Im just not that good and the time it takes to recreate a nostril is ridiculous.

How the Session Runs

The session will start about 1 hour prior to sunset and I know that's not the best time for toddlers and kids but its the best time for light and good photos are all about good light.

On arrival we will do what I like to call "The Grandparent" shots, you know the one where everyone is looking at the camera. We get that done and outta the way and then we play.

I work fast cause kids attention spans are limited. I will joke around with the kids, talk about farts and boogers and whatever else to get them to giggle.

We will have photos with Mum, then Dad, siblings and the most important just mum with dad, the reason why we are a family right so we can forget about you love birds.

Once I get through the standard session "poses" we can have a little fun and then we are done!

After the Session

You will have your gorgeous family gallery delivered to you within the week. Keep an eye on instagram for a sneak peak which I will post while I am editing them.

Feeling like I might be the photographer for you and you are ready to book or just want more information?

Just click the Contact Sam button and lets get the ball rolling!!!


About the session


Family sessions are done about an hour prior to sunset mainly on weekdays, I only have minimal weekends available and are usually taken months in advance. Family sessions are fun and relaxed and I have no unrealistic expectations of you or your family. Just come and hang out in a beautiful field with beautiful light and love on each other, I'll take care of the rest.

The Cost

The cost for a family session is $400. This include the session, the use of any items from my client wardrobe and all the photos available to download.

Afterpay is available on request and payment isn't required until your session date.


How to book

All you need to do is fill out the contact form and I will send you a contract + questionnaire and we will schedule you a date! Easy right!

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